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Brief on the EvALRO Project

The project ‘EvALRO – Development of equitable Evaluation practices incorporating Gender+ perspectives and cultural diversity in ALbania and ROmania through transnational cooperation’  is implemented during October 2015 - March 2016 under the program P2P "Peer-to-Peer & Innovation Challenge Small Grant Program" initiated by IOCE - International Organization for Cooperation and Evaluation and funded by the Finnish Government and USAID.


EvALRO Project Kick-off

On January 19, 2016 The Kick-off meeting of the project SGP15-09 EvALRO was held.

The conference was attended by both project teams, representing RoSE, Romania and ASPE - Professional Association of Albanian Evaluators, and by other stakeholders concerned with evaluation mainstreaming to apply the principles of cultural diversity, gender and race, grouped under the term Gender +.


Transnational meetings, Albania, Feb.-Mar. 2016

Between 29 February to 4 March 2016 the second series of transnational meetings took place in Albania under the Project SGP15-09, EvALRO.

The meeting provided the opportunity to present project sponsors, its objective and its past and ongoing activities linked to expected outcomes. 


parteneriat albaniaProfessionalization of evaluation in Albania through a Master Programme in Elbasan University of Economics, based on transfer of expertise from Romanian Society of Evaluators

The twinning project among RoSE - Romanian Society of Evaluators and ASPE - Albanian Society of Programme Evaluators, implemented from September 2015 to March 2016, was aimed to enable the transfer of best practice from Romania as EU Member State to Albania.


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Project Kick-off, Romania, 19.01.2016
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Project transnational meetings, Albania, 29.02 - 3.03.2016
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